July 11, 1745

1745 July 11 (Thursday).  Another Hot Day.  Conformable to a Request from Reverend Stone of Southborough in behalf of Mr. Moses Fay and his wife of Said Town I went down there to a private Fast.  Mr. Loring,[1] Barrett,[2] Stone,[3] and Smith[4] also at Mr. Fay’s.  N.B. Mrs. Fay had been languishing more than Seven Years and not at Meeting in that Time though she has had six Children, and now suppos’d to be in a Consumption; her Case therefore calling for Pity and Prayers.  Mr. Stone offer’d up the first Prayer.  I preach’d on Ps. 65.2.  Mr. Barrett pray’d and Mr. Loring preach’d p.m. on Isa. 45.22.  A good Savoury Sermon which may the Lord bless to all Souls!  Supp’d at Mr. Stones.  I return’d at Evening.  N.B. Mr. Smith inform’d me that Brother Breck was gone home, but a Number of Books which were all by Dr. Owen, he had bargain’d away to him, for which he had receiv’d and carry’d home with him Dr. Hammond.[5]  Compare this Conduct with Mr. Brecks Engagement to Me May 23.

[1]Rev. Israel Loring of Sudbury.

[2]Rev. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[3]Rev. Nathan Stone of Southborough.

[4]Rev. Aaron Smith of Marlborough.

[5]A work of Samuel Hammond, the English non-conformist divine (d. 1665).