July 1, 1745

1745 July 1 (Monday).  Thomas Winchester got off from going out a solider.  His Brother Joshua also got off as did divers others.  But the seven that appear’d and that went this Morning from Captain Bakers to Colonel Wards in order to their going up to Colonel Hoddard of Northampton, were there.  Jonathan Bruce, James Bradish, Ephraim Whitney, James Miller, Jonas Warrin, Elijah Rice and Eli Forbush.  These out of Captain Maynards Company were Two only, viz. his own son, his only child Stephen, and Silas Pratt who went in the Room of Ensign Rice’s son Joseph.  N.B. I wrote a Letter in Eli’s behalf to Mr. Edwards of Northampton.  P.M. I rode down to Mr. Matthias Rices to get an Horse to go to Cambridge, but did not succeed.  Went also to Mr. Seth Rice’s and got one.  Mr. Whitefield, I hear, preaches at Grafton to Day, a.m. and at Upton p.m.