July 1, 1745

1745 July 1 (Monday).  Thomas Winchester got off from going out a solider.  His Brother Joshua also got off as did divers others.  But the seven that appear’d and that went this Morning from Captain Bakers to Colonel Wards in order to their going up to Colonel Hoddard of Northampton, were there.  Jonathan Bruce, James Bradish, Ephraim Whitney, James Miller, Jonas Warrin, Elijah Rice and Eli Forbush.  These out of Captain Maynards Company were Two only, viz. his own son, his only child Stephen, and Silas Pratt who went in the Room of Ensign Rice’s son Joseph.  N.B. I wrote a Letter in Eli’s behalf to Mr. Edwards of Northampton.  P.M. I rode down to Mr. Matthias Rices to get an Horse to go to Cambridge, but did not succeed.  Went also to Mr. Seth Rice’s and got one.  Mr. Whitefield, I hear, preaches at Grafton to Day, a.m. and at Upton p.m.

July 2, 1745

1745 July 2 (Tuesday).  My Daughter Molly accommodated with Captain Fays Horse rode to Cambridge with me.  My Wife rode with me as far as Mr. Amsdens, whom I obtain’d to carry her (and her child) to Marlborough to see Sister Breck who was extreme urgent to have her be with her in her affliction and Confinement.  N.B. Mr. Whitefield preach’d at Dr. Gotts and my wife heard him.  An Hot Day.  Molly and I rested at Lieutenant Biglo’s at Waltham.  Got to Mother Champneys just before a great storm of Thunder and Rain.  N.B. Mother Champney in a Comfortable State of Health to what she has been.

July 3, 1745

1745 July 3 (Wednesday).  This Morning going over to Cambridge met Mr. Matthias Rice, who inform’d me that our Forces had taken CAPE BRITON and that there was all manner of Joy thereat.  The Exercises came to the Governor this morning early, and presently the Bells were rung, Guns fired, etc.  Commencement was render’d the most gladsome Day.  Everybody was full of the welcome story and wishing one another Joy.  Was chiefly at Mr. Hancocks and at Sir Peabodys Chamber.  N.B. Mr. Swift[1] of Acton his indecent Vociferation concerning my not being present at Mr. Smiths January 22 to bear my Testimony against Mr. Whitefield.  I din’d in the Hall.  N.B. Poor Mr. Samuel Coollidge[2] — his Distractions and Deliriums — pluck’d out of the presidents Chair in the Meeting House and dragg’d out on the Ground by a negro, like a Dead Dogg in presence of all the Assembly.  Most piteous Sight!  Molly din’d at Mr. Danforths.[3]  Mr. Rand[4] of Sunderland has left his people.  Mr. Breck gives me word from my wife that Mr. Smith (who had engag’d to last Lecture when he came with Mr. Breck to my House) could not preach my Lecture.  Lodg’d at Mother Champneys.

[1]Rev. John Swift, Jr.

[2]Samuel Coolidge (HC 1724), the former schoolmaster at Westborough and other places, who had become a public charge. SHG 7:326-331.

[3]Samuel Danforth.

[4]The Rev. William Rand left Sunderland because he disliked the preaching of George Whitefield, while many of his congregation evidently sympathized with the evangelist. John M. Smith, History of the Town of Sunderland (Greenfield, 1899), 61. Rand is believed to have written an address of the Hampshire County clergy to Whitefield which appeared in The Testimony of the North Association in the County of Hartford (Boston, 1745).

July 4, 1745

1745 July 4 (Thursday).  Molly and I rode to Boston.  Broke fast at Brother Alexanders.  Visited my Mother who is weak and sick.  Mr. Gay[1] of Hingham preach’d the Lecture on 1 Sam. Din’d at Mrs. Thomas Hubbards.  Mr. Niles,[2] Mr. Webb, Captain Dupre and others din’d also.  N.B. My Kinsman at Dr. Delhonds[3] but is not well contented there.  At Mrs. Thomas Stoddards and paid her about 12 pounds old Tenor.  Return’d to Cambridge at Eve.  N.B. Roxbury illuminated.  Colleges illumin’d.  Bonfire.  Bell ringing, Drum beating, etc. most of the Night.

[1]Rev. Ebenezer Gay.

[2]Rev. Samuel Niles (HC 1699), minister of the Second Church of Braintree, 1711-1762. SHG 4:485-491.

[3]Louis Delhonde, the Boston physician.

July 5, 1745

1745 July 5 (Friday).  It was Somewhat misty, but Molly and Mr. John Sparhawk[1] in Company we rode as far as Mrs. Bekky Walkers in Waltham, when Molly being indispos’d we  Lit and stay’d the making and Eating of Chocolat.  We got up so seasonably to Westborough that I preach’d my Lecture at the usual Time in the afternoon, on John 4.24.  My wife return’d from Marlborough a.m.

[1]Rev. John Sparhawk of Salem.

July 10, 1745

1745 July 10 (Wednesday).  An Hott Day.  Ensign Bruce (who went up to Fort Shirley to bring back his son Jonathan) return’d — and informs that last Friday about 10 a.m. Mr. William Phipps was kill’d by the Indians about 30 Rods from the Garrison at [Putney] (nigh which lives Mr. Nehemiah How who went from Grafton) and his Body was treated inhumanly, Scalp’d, his Heart taken out etc.

July 11, 1745

1745 July 11 (Thursday).  Another Hot Day.  Conformable to a Request from Reverend Stone of Southborough in behalf of Mr. Moses Fay and his wife of Said Town I went down there to a private Fast.  Mr. Loring,[1] Barrett,[2] Stone,[3] and Smith[4] also at Mr. Fay’s.  N.B. Mrs. Fay had been languishing more than Seven Years and not at Meeting in that Time though she has had six Children, and now suppos’d to be in a Consumption; her Case therefore calling for Pity and Prayers.  Mr. Stone offer’d up the first Prayer.  I preach’d on Ps. 65.2.  Mr. Barrett pray’d and Mr. Loring preach’d p.m. on Isa. 45.22.  A good Savoury Sermon which may the Lord bless to all Souls!  Supp’d at Mr. Stones.  I return’d at Evening.  N.B. Mr. Smith inform’d me that Brother Breck was gone home, but a Number of Books which were all by Dr. Owen, he had bargain’d away to him, for which he had receiv’d and carry’d home with him Dr. Hammond.[5]  Compare this Conduct with Mr. Brecks Engagement to Me May 23.

[1]Rev. Israel Loring of Sudbury.

[2]Rev. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[3]Rev. Nathan Stone of Southborough.

[4]Rev. Aaron Smith of Marlborough.

[5]A work of Samuel Hammond, the English non-conformist divine (d. 1665).

July 12, 1745

1745 July 12 (Friday).  Hot Weather Still.  Heard that Deacon Fisher[1] was lately kill’d at Ashualot by the Indians, and a post in this Day gone along to the Governor with the sad news of it.

[1]Josiah Fisher, one of the original proprietors of Upper Ashuelot, was killed and scalped by the Indians, July 10, 1745. Philip A. Fisher, The Fisher Genealogy (Everett, 1898), 74-75.

July 18, 1745

1745 July 18 (Thursday).  In the Singular good Providence of God Lieutenant Tainter this Morning Sent us a large Quarter of Lamb.  Otherwise we Should have been unprovided for any special Entertainment at our Table to Day, which was THANKSGIVING on Account of the late Success at Cape Briton, on which Occasion I preach’d on Isa.  N.B. Mr. Prentice and his wife went a while agoe along with Mr. Whitefield and his wife in their Journey to Northampton and are not return’d.  A Number of Grafton at Meeting with us.  Mr. John Collar and Deacon Cooper[1] and his wife din’d with us.  At the Request of our Young Men Some while Since I appointed a Lecture to them to be in about 2 Hours, which I attended and preach’d on Rom. 2.4, latter part.

[1]Samuel Cooper of Grafton.

July 22, 1745

1745 July 22 (Monday).  Ebenezer having been somewhat poison’d by his working in the Meadow last week, goes not today with Thomas, but Reap’d Rye.  I rode to Marlborough to Mr. Woods and return’d their Occasional Paper 3 vols.  At Deacon Stevens’s and paid him 10 shillings for mending Lieutenant Tainters Chaise May 22 last.  I went to Mr. Smiths but he and his wife, old Mr. Loring and Sister Breck were gone down to Mr. Jonathan Lorings,[1] to dine there but I din’d at Dr. Gotts.  After Dinner the Doctor and I rode to Mr. Lorings.  They had not din’d.  I was oblig’d to Sit down with them Mr. Loring insisting, when as I had heard he was (though unreasonably) disgusted with me.  My Design in going to Marlborough was very much, this to wait on Sister Breck to our House, but she was not to be perswaded.  I return’d with Mr. Smith etc. to his House and thence home.

[1]Son of Rev. Israel Loring. Jonathan lived in Marlborough. Hudson, Marlborough, 410.

July 24, 1745

1745 July 24 (Wednesday).  Cornelius Biglo Sick of a Fever.  I visited him, and dealt plainly with him.  At divers Neighbours.  Visited also Mr. Daniel Forbush’s wife who is confin’d again by weakness and illness.  Din’d at home.  Thomas at the Meadow.  Ebenezer at the Rye.  Towards Night Mrs. Maynard had my mare to ride to Mrs. Miles[1] at Shrewsbury.  At Eve I help’d Ebenezer in his unloading Hay and Carting in a Turn of Rye.

[1]Wife of Deacon Samuel Miles. Ward, Shrewsbury, 368.

July 30, 1745

1745 July 30 (Tuesday).  Mr. Breck and his wife undertook their Journey.  My wife (favour’d with Mr. Benjamin Hows Horse) and I rode to Worcester with them — and we din’d at Dr. Brecks.  N.B. Mr. Fessenden[1] there after dinner.  P.M. We return’d, but tarried Some little Time at Colonel Chandlers and drank a Dish of Tea with Madam Chandler.[2]  She inform’d me that there were about 40 French persons old and Young dispos’d of in their Town.  Mr. Cushing So busy Carting Hay I Saw him not, either going or returning.  N.B. Mrs. Sarah Whipple took Care of our Sucking Child.

[1]Stephen Fessenden (HC 1737), the second lawyer to practice in Worcester. SHG 10:169.

[2]Wife of Col. John Chandler.

July 31, 1745

1745 July 31 (Wednesday).  I visited Mrs. Grow who was Sick, and Idin’d there.  Visited Mrs. Harrington and Mr. Jonas Child and his wife, who wanted very much an Opportunity to discourse with Me about the grant Interests of their Souls.  N.B. Mr. Whitney came in.  I would rejoice to have this glorious work promoted, and do lament it is So behind hand.