May 31, 1745

1745 May 31 (Friday).  Mr. Cushing and Mr. Morse came up from Boston; and they gave me Some Account of what had been done at the Election and at the Convention.  In particular at the latter Mr. Clark[1] of Salem Village preach’d a Seasonable, Close sermon with regard to Mr. Whitefields Errors of mis-conduct — and both he and his wife were present.  The Collection was large, £290 Old Tenor.  In the Convention Mr. Gee[2] and others made proposals of Subscribing the Platform and Confession of Faith; or Some other good Draught — but it was rejected.  Mr. Prince[3] no longer Clerk, but Mr. Turell[4] chose in his Room.

[1]Rev. Peter Clark of Danvers.

[2]Rev. Joshua Gee of Boston.

[3]Rev. Thomas Prince of Boston.

[4]Rev. Ebenezer Turell of Medford.