May 29, 1745

1745 May 29 (Wednesday).  The first Election that I remember to have kept in Westborough. I read partly in my Family old Mr. Higginsons Election Sermon on the Cause of God and his People.[1]  Had a good Dinner with my Family, rejoicing in the great goodness of God to his people in all the Memorable Works which He had wrought, and for that He continues to us our precious and pleasant Things — and after Dinner we Sung part of the first 8 Verses of Ps. 78, Tate and Bradys Version.  P.M. a number of Elderly men came to see me.  Old Mr. Maynard, Mr. Whipple and his Brother Lambson of Ipswich.  Upon the whole, I endeavour’d to keep the Day in humble gratitude to God, hearty Loyalty to the Government over me, and Communion with the Ministers in their General Convention, and in Chearfull Satisfaction with my own House, charging and watching over all under my Care that good order and good Hours be observ’d which (for any Thing has come to my knowledge) were So.

[1]John Higginson, The Cause of God and His People in New-England (Cambridge, 1663).