May 17, 1745

1745 May 17 (Friday).  I went over to College in the Morning.  At Mr. Hancocks Chamber where were Mr. Flynt,[1] Mr. Mayhew and Mr. Nathaniel Gardner.[2]  Bought Dr. Wigglesworths Letter to Mr. Whitefield of Mr. Flynt, and borrow’d Tennents Examiner Examined,[3] of Mr. Mayhew.  On my Journey home I call’d at Dr. Robys,[4] at Sudbury, and found he was not averse to taking up my Kinsman Elias to study Physic with him, upon which I wrote to my Kinsman and committed it to the Care of the Doctor.  I din’d at Mr. Pattersons with my Kinsman Williams, the Schoolmaster there.  Rode into Marlborough to See Sister Breck[5] of Springfield who is ill yet at Dr. Gotts.  At Home, Brother Hicks (who drove up his Oxen from Cambridge) and his wife who came up (also) from Cambridge, lodg’d with us.

[1]Tutor Henry Flynt.

[2](HC 1739), a Boston schoolmaster. SHG 10:366-368

[3]Gilbert Tennent, The Examiner Examined, or Gilbert Tennent, Harmonious (Philadelphia, 1743).

[4]Ebenezer Roby was the physician of Sudbury.

[5]Mrs. Samuel Breck, Parkman’s wife’s sister. [Walett should have said sister-in-law.]