May 15, 1745

1745 May 15 (Wednesday).  In the Morning I went over to College — was with Mr. Mayhew[1] particularly.  But I return’d over to Mothers.  Mr. Winthrop improv’d to Survey Father Champneys Lands, to prepare the Work for the Prizers, who all came.  I din’d with them.  N.B. Brother Champney now reports he did not take the Administration instead of Hicks.  I rode to Boston Early — broke fast at my Honor’d Mother’s (who is in much Comfort, except her Trouble about her Negro, Pito, who gives her much Trouble).  My Kinsman Elias (to my great Grief) is Still at home, unactive, Slothfull, disheartened and as far from engaging in any Business as ever.  Mr. Checkley[2] the Public Lecture on John 4.14.  After I din’d at Brother Alexander’s.  I visited Dr. Sewal, and there came in Dr. Chauncey,[3] and afterward Mr. Gee.  Mr. Whitefield the Subject, almost everywhere.  Dr. Wigglesworths[4] Letter to him came out to Day.  When I return’d to Mother Champneys at Evening the Prizers having done their Work, were gone home.  At home, Mr. Devotion of Windham, his wife and wife’s sister Visited my Family; came at Eve and Lodg’d.

[1]Jonathan Mayhew (HC 1744), minister of the West Church of Boston, 1747-1766. SHG 11:440-472.

[2]Rev. Samuel Checkley of the New South Church, Boston.

[3]Rev. Charles Chauncy of the First Church, Boston.

[4]Edward Wigglesworth, A Letter to the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, by Way of a Reply to his Answer to the College Testimony against him and  his Conduct (Boston, 1745).