May 11, 1745

1745 May 11 (Saturday).  Captain Maynard (in his Team) brought me up 14£ Sugar and my Kegg of 3 Gallons of Rum from Boston.  P.M. Mr. Millen[1] here.  He discover’d to me that it was by him that I sent Mr. Loring his Hubbards Absence of the Comforter.[2]  At Eve came Brother Samuel Parkman from Hopkinton, bound up to Bolton and thence to Hartford.  N.B. Ebenezer went to Lieutenant Tainters for his Chaise and brought it.

[1]Rev. John Mellen of Sterling.

[2]Nehemiah Hobart, The Absence of the Comforter Described and Lamented (New London, 1717).