November 12, 1744

1744 November 12 (Monday).  Mr. Lull was here and inform’d me that Mr. Farrar of Concord would be here to Day.  I rode to Mr. Beemans and hir’d £30 of him (old Tenor).  Mr. Farrar accordingly came and I paid him the whole of my Bond to him and took it up.  Captain Maynard train’d his Company.  I pray’d with them both at the Beginning and Concluding their Exercises.  Din’d at his House (Mr. Farrar with me).  N.B. At Eve Mr. Wheeler very full of bitter Complaints that the Captain kept his Boys So late (and it was by this Time sundown), as also that they were abus’d etc.  N.B. The Committee for the School, viz. Lieutenant Holloway, and Messrs. James Bowman and Seth Rice confer with me about Mr. Sharhawk for a Schoolmaster.  N.B. Lieutenant Holloway and Mr. Livermore[1] request me to preach to the North Side Next Thursday forenoon.  My Mind was engag’d upon a Variety of Things, and suffer’d their Urgency to overcome Me, though I presently after regretted it.

[1]Jonathan Livermore.