October 31, 1744

1744 October 31 (Wednesday).  I went to Mr. Whipples[1] and Deacon Newtons[2] upon the Upton Business.  Wrote to Reverend Mr. Weld and to Ensign Jonathan Wood.[3]  N.B. Serjeant Miller undertook to Convey the Letters to Mr. Jonas Warrins[4] of Upton.  Raw Cold season.  Snow’d some part of the Day.  Daniel How[5] work’d for me, Ploughing up Stubble of the lower Field.

[1]Francis Whipple of Westborough.

[2]Josiah Newton.

[3]A selectman of Upton.

[4]Jonas Warren was a deacon of the Upton church.

[5]Son of Parkman’s neighbor, Hezekiah How.