October 28, 1744

1744 October 28 (Sunday).  The Lord’s name be prais’d and magnify’d for his adorable Patience and Longsuffering towards Me and towards the Dear Flock in this place, that now we see the 20th Year Completed since our Founding and Ordination.  Alas!  My Barrenness and unprofitableness!  How little good have I done in all these years, and how many Things are amiss also among the people!  O that God would Pardon us through the Greatness of his Mercy!  And Grant us his almighty Grace, to enable us to Repeat, and bring forth the Fruits meet for Repentence.  I preach’d a.m. on Gen. 31.38 and p.m. on 2 Cor. 13.9, Repeating part of Sermon on Heb. 13.20.21.[1]  Captain John Tainter and his wife, with Lieutenants Wife also din’d with us.  O that God would make it the Day of his power with us!

[1]This sermon has been preserved and is printed in large part in DeForest and Bates, Westborough, 126-129.  It is regrettable that Parkman did not take this opportunity to give an historical summary of the previous period.