October 16, 1744

1744 October 16 (Tuesday).  Din’d at Brother Parkman’s.  Our Conversations turn very much upon the Melancholly and afflicted Circumstances of my poor, Miserable Kinsman.  But as to the Affair of Westborough Petitioners, there is little room for me to Say any Thing because our People are grown so jealous that there is my Design in being at Boston so much at this Time, viz. that I may undermine them[1] etc. — whereas this journey was appointed on Occasion of the Ministers Meeting at Mr. Cooks.  At Eve was at Mr. Eliots Lecture on Jam. 5.16, latter part.  N.B. Mr. Buel,[2] Mr. Pomeroy,[3] and Mr. Parsons,[4] of Connecticut at meeting.  I was at Mr. Eliots after Lecture.  N.B. Mr. Whitefield expected at Portsmouth, Piscataqua.  We lodg’d at my aged Mothers.

[1]The north precinct of Westborough was created by the legislature, Oct. 20, 1744.  Distance from the meeting house was one of the important factors  motivating the northside people.  See Josiah C. Kent, Northborough History (Newton, 1921), 14.

[2]Rev. Samuel Buell (YC 1741), an itinerant preacher and later minister at East Hampton, Long Island, 1746-1798.  Dexter, 664-669.

[3]Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy of Hebron, Conn.

[4]Rev. Jonathan Parsons (YC 1729), minister at Old Lyme, Conn., 1729-1745, and later at Newburyport, 1746-1776.  Dexter,389-393.