October 1, 1744

1744 October 1 (Monday).  The Funeral of Mr. Joseph Thurston, a man well spoken of for his Seriousness and Graciousness.  He leaves a Widow and six Children among us.  Help Lord! the Godly man ceaseth etc.  Deacon Whipple of Ipswich Hamlet here.  At Eve Mr. Patteshall again; Mr. Turell and Two Messengers going to the Council at Grafton, viz. Captain Brooks and Mr. Tufts[1] — and they all 4 lodged here.  Nei[gh]bours Young Men came and Husk’d.

[1]John Tufts (HC 1708) of Amesbury, formerly the minister at West Newbury.  SHG 5:457-61.