August 23, 1744

1744 August 23 (Thursday).  In the Morning after the Rain I went to the Jayl and Spent Some Time with the prisoner who is as Yet unhumbled — has talk’d of late in a Strain of denyal of the Fact, and grumbles at his Windows being Shutt up (though at That tis thought he receiv’d ill Counsel) and Complains of the Room he is confin’d in etc. — as if he was treated hardly because he was a Stranger.  Mr. Campbell[1] of Oxford there and pray’d with him, and whilst we were in the Jayl the Wheeler Case was call’d at Court, and was thrown out of that Court.  I din’d with Mr. Solomon Prentice at Mr. Eatons.[2]  P.M. return’d home having Mr. Dana[3] the Lawyers Company great part of the way, but he proceeded down the Road to Marlborough.

[1]Rev. John Campbell.

[2]Joshua Eaton (HC 1735) was the first lawyer to settle in Worcester.  He fell under the spell of George Whitefield, became a New Light preacher, and the minister of the first church of Spencer, Mass., 1744-1772.  SHG 9:533-38.

[3]Richard Dana (HC 1718) served various towns before settling in Boston, where he later became a prominent Son of Liberty.  SHG 6:236-39.