August 21, 1744

1744 August 21 (Tuesday).  I early rode to Colonel Wards[1] to enquire whether the Business of the sessions would be likely to bring the Wheeler Case on to Day?  The Reason of My Enquiry was, I had appointed the Catechetical Exercise to Young Women to be this afternoon before I had known any Thing of Mr. Wheelers summons.  Who told me it would be Contrary to Custom of the Court if it was call’d, and assur’d me I might safely return home for to Day.  Upon which I return’d accordingly.  P.M. attended upon my Catechizing of Young Women, and deliver’d them a sermon on Ps. 25.7.  Hannah Forbush[2] full of Spiritual Concern came to my House, as her Brother Eli had been not long Since.

[1]Nahum Ward of Shrewsbury.

[2]Daughter of Thomas Forbush.