August 15, 1744

1744 August 15 (Wednesday).  There was more Business done by the Association than usual — more Collections, etc.  Mr. Swift[1] of Acton preach’d a Smart, bold Sermon on Mat. 13.5.6.  After Dinner Mr. Wood,[2] Deacon Miles[3] and others from Concord came in among us to request the Ministers so far to Countenance Them of their Party as to preach among them in their Separation from Mr. Bliss.[4]  But they were rather advis’d to seek out some suitable Young Gentleman to preach to them and leave it to him to Change with neighbouring Ministers as they Should incline or see prudentest.  Return’d home through Marlborough and for the Sake of Mr. Cushing and Mr. Morse’s[5] Company, by Ensign Bartletts.  Found Mr. Weld[6] here.

[1]Rev. John Swift, Jr., of Acton.

[2]Ephraim Wood.  Lemuel Shattuck, History of the Town of Concord (Boston, 1835), 388.

[3]Samuel Miles.

[4]Rev. Daniel Bliss.

[5]Rev. Ebenezer Morse of the North Parish of Shrewsbury.

[6]Rev. Thomas Weld of Upton.