August 7, 1744

1744 August 7 (Tuesday).  I visited Mr. John Caruth’s wife who languishes in Body and is very much distress’d in Mind.  As I was riding over upon this visit Captain Forbush met me and acquaint’d me that a man was kill’d last night by his Cart near Ensign Bruce’s in this Town.  At my Return home I was requested to attend the Funeral of the Said poor Man, at 4 p.m.  I had appointed with myself that this Afternoon I would visit in that Corner and my Wife and I accordingly rode down to Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlains and by means thereof we were till somewhat past 5 when I got to Ensign Bruce’s, the people being very much gather’d and long waiting.  It was a very sorrowful Time!  The providence very awfull indeed.  The man was of Sutton, one Mr. Samuel March of about 29 or 30 Years, originally from Newbury.  His poor mournfull widow, the Daughter of Captain Sibley[1] of Sutton was there, with her Father and Some Number of Sutton Friends along with them.  The Lord Sanctifie His holy dispensation in peculiar to them and to his Mate (Mr. Holbrook) who was upon the Road with another Team just before Mr. March; but O that God would also enable all of us to make a Suitable Improvement of So awakening a Providence, and Convince us that we know not the Hour!  For as Saith Solomon man also knoweth not his Time: as the Fishes etc. and as the Birds, etc.  So are the sons of men Snared in an Evil Time, when it cometh Suddenly upon them.  Eccl. 9.12.  N.B. I understand that 5 Indians of the Cagawaya’s went to Boston last Friday; and that Some Considerable part of our Soldiers who were sent out to guard and Scout in our New Towns, were call’d in, and had return’d.  Thomas at Mr. Beemans.

[1]Joseph Sibley.