May 31, 1744

1744 May 31 (Thursday).  At Convention Sermon but went in late, for it began at 9 a.m.  Dr. Chauncey[1] on Tit. 2.15, last Clause — Let no man dispise thee.  Din’d at Mr. Eliots[2] with above 20 more.  Mr. Benjamin Bass,[3] Dexter,[4] Champney,[5] Tyler,[6] etc. etc.  Afterwards at Mr. Mathers[7] where there was a large Company also.  Mr. Parsons[8] of Bradford, Barnard[9] of Newbury, Balch[10] of Bradford, Breck, Walter[11] etc. etc.  I visited also Mr. Webb[12] and Mr. Gee.[13]  N.B. Conversation with Mr. Hobby[14] –at Eve at Mr. Condy’s[15] — So differently was my time Spent.  Supp’d and lodg’d at Brother Samuels — my Kinsman and his Mother being at a Wedding at Mrs. Tylestones.

[1]Rev. Charles Chauncey.

[2]Rev. Andrew Eliot (HC 1737), minister of the New North Church.  SHG 10:128-61.

[3]Rev. Benjamin Bass (HC 1715), minister of Hanover, Mass., 1728-1756.  SHG 6:72-74.

[4]Rev. Samuel Dexter (HC 1720), minister of Dedham, Mass., 1724-1755.  SHG 6:376-80.

[5]Rev. Joseph Champney of Beverly.

[6]Rev. Andrew Tyler (HC 1738), minister of Westwood, Mass.,1743-1772.  SHG 10:329-34.

[7]Rev. Samuel Mather.

[8]Rev. Joseph Parsons.

[9]Rev. Thomas Barnard (HC 1732), minister of West Newbury, 1739-1752.  SHG 9:120-29.

[10]Rev. William Balch of Groveland (Second church in Bradford).

[11]Rev. Nathaniel Walter (HC 1729), minister of West Roxbury, 1734-1776.  SHG 8:630-34.

[12]Rev. John Webb.

[13]Rev. Joshua Gee.

[14]Rev. William Hobby.

[15]Rev. Jeremiah Condy, Baptist minister of Boston.