May 30, 1744

1744 May 30 (Wednesday).  Early to Father Champneys.  Mother poor and low and Consumptive.  Proceeded to Boston, my mother weak and faint, and dejected in soul, yet (through Divine Goodness) not so sick nor distress’d as in Time past.  My Niece Elizabeth[1] very low also, having a pleuretic Fever — but her Brother Elias gets abroad a little.  Mr. Allen[2] of Brookline on Isa. 6.1.  Din’d at Brother Samuels without any other Company.  P.M. at the Convention Dr. Sewal[3] Moderator but Mr. Eels[4] pray’d who were chiefly Settling old accounts.  Nothing of Contest to Day respecting the Times.  At Eve I retir’d to Brother Alexanders who was Lodg’d with my Kinsman Elias.

[1]Daughter of Elias Parkman of Boston.

[2]Rev. James Allin.

[3]Rev. Joseph Sewall.

[4]Rev. Nathaniel Eels of Norwell.