May 28, 1744

1744 May 28 (Monday).  Din’d with Captain Baker and the other Officers at Captain Fays.  N.B. Mr. Coollidge there.  N.B. Mr. James and Stephen Fay oppose my sermon Yesterday because of my allowing Recreations of any kind.  I visited Amos Whitney and old Mr. Rice who lies exceeding low.  At my returning home a little before night Mr. Coollidge and Lieutenant Forbush[1] and others met me who acquaint’d me that Benjamin Fays wife Seeing the follys and vanitys of men and the extreme Brevity of Life, cry’d out with loud crys and Lamentations and fervent Beseechings to all about her which She for some time indeed labour’d to restrain And went into the back part of her House, but could not Stifle — which gather’d a throng about her and it lasted Some Time.  Stephen Fay also, going done to market met me, and soon getting upon a strain concerning my sermons which I thought very unjust, I look’d upon myself bound in Duty to reprove and admonish him, advise and direct him, which I did Somewhat thoroughly and left it upon him to Reflect upon in his Journey to Boston.  N.B. Mr. Cornelius Biglo Shot in the Thigh by Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain, in their foolish Play and Diversion at Clark (Abner) Newtons.

[1]Samuel Forbush.