May 1, 1744

1744 May 1 (Tuesday).  Robert Bradish and George Smith here in the Morning.  I renewed my admonition.  Bradish Submitted — but Smith was refractory and went off so.  Thomas Winchester planting Corn south side.  Dr. Gott and Brother Samuel Breck came up from Marlborough and din’d with Me.  My Wife walk’d with her Brethren to visit Captain Maynard.[1]  Rainy p.m.  Thomas is broke off.  Brother Samuel tarried over Night and Hay being Short Sent his Horse to old Mr. Maynards.  Brother Breck upon his Journey to Springfield purposing to buy and settle in Worcester, there being now no Settled Physician there.  Very pleasant – Thomas Planting.

[1]John Maynard.

May 3, 1744

1744 May 3 (Thursday).  Preach’d at the Private Meeting at Mr. Grouts,[1] on 1 Cor. 3.7.  But few men, the Same Number of women.  N.B. Bekky Hicks[2] rode with me.  We call’d at Captain Fays[3] when we return’d.  Mr. Stephen Fays [crossed out] Wife was there.  She desir’d to Speak alone with me, the Conversation the most unaccountable and intolerable that ever I met with Making Exceptions against the most inexceptionable parts of my Sermon today; and declaring her great Dissatisfaction to my preaching in general, and to my Ministration, and yet in plain Terms said she could not given [sic] any Reason why.  Upon my reproving her for her unreasonableness, She freely Submitted to it, and when I ask’d her whether She thought these Things proceeded from the Spirit of God, She freely acknowledg’d that She did think they did not, but from the Contrary.  But She desir’d I would not be angry, for She knew it was the Effect of prejudice reigning and prevailing in her against me, and She pray’d me to tell her what She Should do to get rid of it, or what I could do to help her?  I ask’d here whether She did not think She was under the influence of a Party Spirit.  She Said it was most likely.  I told her the Apostle directed me to rebuke her Sharply that she might be Sound in the Faith and this therefore (I told her) I now did, for it was great Sin and wickedness which She was guilty of herein, and I pray’d her to consider how horrible and how dangerous it was to be So much under the Influence of Adversary and bid her beware — with divers other Such Expressions — which She thank’d me for and we concluded.  When I came home Captain Timothy Brigham of Southborough was here on a Message from Madam Stone to request me to go to Mr. Stone’s tomorrow, their Infant Child being deceas’d and Mr. Stone being gone to Norwich.

[1]Joseph Grout.

[2]Daughter of John Hicks.

[3]John Fay.

May 7, 1744

1744 May 7 (Monday).  Visited Several Sick, viz. Amos Whitney,[1] who was ill of a Rheumatism, Eli Forbush,[2] Sick of a pleurisy, Jonathan Tainter in the Wastes of a Consumption, and daily (as tis thought) growing Worse.  He has been propounded in order to admission into full Communion but has been a Journey since for his Health and it has prov’d too Much for him.  Thomas picking up and burning Bushes.

[1]Son of Nathaniel Whitney.

[2]Eli Forbes (HC 1751), later minister of Brookfield and Gloucester.

May 9, 1744

1744 May 9 (Wednesday).  Heard that Ezekiel Cole’s Case was try’d yesterday at our County Court at Worcester, and that he was fin’d etc.  And inform’d likewise that to Day Reverend Mr. Welds against Rachel Wheeler of Grafton, comes on.  Mr. Weld recover’d of Wheeler £400 old Tenor for Defamation — but both he and Wheeler appeal’d from the Judgement.

May 14, 1744

1744 May 14 (Monday).  I accompany’d my Brother to the Borders of Hopkinton, and in returning I visited old Mr. Rice who lyes very weak and low.  Town Meeting to see whether the Town will choose a Committee to make Reply to the Petition lately put in to the General Court to divide the Town.  The Town voted to do so and chose Captain Warrin, Captain Maynard and Mr. Francis Whipple their Committee for that purpose.  Reverend Mr. Warham Williams of Waltham here, with Delegates going up to a Council at Grafton chose by agriev’d Brethren there — viz. Aaron Hardy, Simon Tainter, etc.  At Eve Simon Tainter here to desire me to go up tomorrow, or draw up what I had to say about Wheeler, and about Mr. Prentice’s being dismiss’d from the Association.  But I could not gratify them with either, for  1.) my wife designs to go to Boston tomorrow.  2.) There is no Time to apprize Mr. Prentice of it.  3.) I have not time to look up my papers and prepare.

May 17, 1744

1744 May 17 (Thursday).  Mr. Barrett came from Grafton and acquainted me with what the Council had done there.  N.B. but 3 Churches met — and they adjourn’d to August next, advising the aggrieved Brethren there to make fresh application to the Church to join with them in calling a Council mutually, which if they would not do, to add six churchs more to themselves to form another Council.  Mr. Barrett din’d with me and Spent several Hours afternoon — walk’d to the great Pond etc.  He tells me the separations in Hopkinton increase, and now both the Ruling Elders there are in Separation.

May 22, 1744

1744 May 22 (Tuesday).  I rode to Marlborough to Mr. Tainters[1] and Madam Woods,[2] and proceeded to Mr. Stones at Southborough where I din’d, and thence to Hopkinton.  On the Road to Major Jones’s met Mr. Barrett and the Committee from the General Court to look into the affair of Malden Farm lying in Shrewsbury and Worcester.  Had some opportunity to Confer with them upon the affair of the Petition of our Northside, particularly with Mr. Foxcroft,[3] Captain Watts, Dr. Hale,[4] etc.  When I came home Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain was here with Mrs. Rebecca Cotton of Newton.  N.B. Thomas gone to Worcester the Morning.

[1]Deacon Joseph Tainter.

[2]Widow of Benjamin Woods.

[3]Rev. Thomas Foxcroft of Boston

[4]Nathan Hale was a physician of Newbury.

May 23, 1744

1744 May 23 (Wednesday).  Rainy Day, but old Mr. Rice lys in so low a state and sending for me I ventur’d to go and See him.  Visited also Jonathan Tainter in his Waste.  When I return’d home Mr. Breck from Springfield was here, but much indispos’d by a Sore Throat.  At Eve Dr. Breck came.  N.B. The Doctor has bought at Worcester and begins to build there.

May 25, 1744

1744 May 25 (Friday).  I rode to Worcester to See the Prisoner Richard Fitz Patrick Committed for the Murther of Daniel Campbell of Rutland.  I din’d at Mr. Cushings at Shrewsbury, had Colonel Ward[1] for my Company.  Call’d at the high Sheriffs, Captain Flaggs,[2] who went with me to Reverend Mr. Burrs[3] and to the Jayl.  Found the prisoner very Ignorant but desirous of Instruction.  Having done what in me lay in Instructing him and Praying with him, I went into Colonel Chandlers[4] and refresh’d myself and so hastened home.  At my House found Mrs. Edwards of Northampton and her Daughter Jerusha, accompany’d by Reverend Mr. Hopkinton[5] of Sheffield.

[1]Nahum Ward of Shrewsbury.

[2]Benjamin Flagg, Jr.

[3]Rev. Isaac Burr of Worcester.

[4]John Chandler, Jr.

[5]Rev. Samuel Hopkins.

May 27, 1744

1744 May 27 (Sunday).  Repeated on 1 Cor. 6.18, a. and p.m.  N.B. in the Close I gave Warning with respect to ‘Lection Diversions.  Mr. Coollidge, Mr. Kendal[1] of Suffield with his wife din’d here.  Likewise Mr. Harrington[2] of Framingham and wife and Mrs. Tainter din’d with us.

[1]Thomas Kendall.

[2]Ebenezer Harrington, a selectman of Framingham.  Temple, Framingham, 576.

May 28, 1744

1744 May 28 (Monday).  Din’d with Captain Baker and the other Officers at Captain Fays.  N.B. Mr. Coollidge there.  N.B. Mr. James and Stephen Fay oppose my sermon Yesterday because of my allowing Recreations of any kind.  I visited Amos Whitney and old Mr. Rice who lies exceeding low.  At my returning home a little before night Mr. Coollidge and Lieutenant Forbush[1] and others met me who acquaint’d me that Benjamin Fays wife Seeing the follys and vanitys of men and the extreme Brevity of Life, cry’d out with loud crys and Lamentations and fervent Beseechings to all about her which She for some time indeed labour’d to restrain And went into the back part of her House, but could not Stifle — which gather’d a throng about her and it lasted Some Time.  Stephen Fay also, going done to market met me, and soon getting upon a strain concerning my sermons which I thought very unjust, I look’d upon myself bound in Duty to reprove and admonish him, advise and direct him, which I did Somewhat thoroughly and left it upon him to Reflect upon in his Journey to Boston.  N.B. Mr. Cornelius Biglo Shot in the Thigh by Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain, in their foolish Play and Diversion at Clark (Abner) Newtons.

[1]Samuel Forbush.

May 29, 1744

1744 May 29 (Tuesday).  Brother Hicks here — but I set out for Boston: call’d at Mr. Matthias Rice’s to borrow money.  Din’d there and then he went with me to his Brother Ephraim Hows and got me 50 Shillings new tenor.  Proceeded to Mr. Joseph Tainters where I was very long detain’d for my Coat which was not done.  Could get no farther than Saltmarshes[1] at Watertown — lodg’d there, and N.B. Mr. Ballantine[2] of Westfield lodg’d in the Same House.

[1]Thomas Saltmarsh kept an inn for many years.  Bond, Watertown, 414.

[2]Rev. John Ballantine (HC 1735), minister of Westfield, Mass., 1741-1776.  SHG 9:468-72.

May 30, 1744

1744 May 30 (Wednesday).  Early to Father Champneys.  Mother poor and low and Consumptive.  Proceeded to Boston, my mother weak and faint, and dejected in soul, yet (through Divine Goodness) not so sick nor distress’d as in Time past.  My Niece Elizabeth[1] very low also, having a pleuretic Fever — but her Brother Elias gets abroad a little.  Mr. Allen[2] of Brookline on Isa. 6.1.  Din’d at Brother Samuels without any other Company.  P.M. at the Convention Dr. Sewal[3] Moderator but Mr. Eels[4] pray’d who were chiefly Settling old accounts.  Nothing of Contest to Day respecting the Times.  At Eve I retir’d to Brother Alexanders who was Lodg’d with my Kinsman Elias.

[1]Daughter of Elias Parkman of Boston.

[2]Rev. James Allin.

[3]Rev. Joseph Sewall.

[4]Rev. Nathaniel Eels of Norwell.

May 31, 1744

1744 May 31 (Thursday).  At Convention Sermon but went in late, for it began at 9 a.m.  Dr. Chauncey[1] on Tit. 2.15, last Clause — Let no man dispise thee.  Din’d at Mr. Eliots[2] with above 20 more.  Mr. Benjamin Bass,[3] Dexter,[4] Champney,[5] Tyler,[6] etc. etc.  Afterwards at Mr. Mathers[7] where there was a large Company also.  Mr. Parsons[8] of Bradford, Barnard[9] of Newbury, Balch[10] of Bradford, Breck, Walter[11] etc. etc.  I visited also Mr. Webb[12] and Mr. Gee.[13]  N.B. Conversation with Mr. Hobby[14] –at Eve at Mr. Condy’s[15] — So differently was my time Spent.  Supp’d and lodg’d at Brother Samuels — my Kinsman and his Mother being at a Wedding at Mrs. Tylestones.

[1]Rev. Charles Chauncey.

[2]Rev. Andrew Eliot (HC 1737), minister of the New North Church.  SHG 10:128-61.

[3]Rev. Benjamin Bass (HC 1715), minister of Hanover, Mass., 1728-1756.  SHG 6:72-74.

[4]Rev. Samuel Dexter (HC 1720), minister of Dedham, Mass., 1724-1755.  SHG 6:376-80.

[5]Rev. Joseph Champney of Beverly.

[6]Rev. Andrew Tyler (HC 1738), minister of Westwood, Mass.,1743-1772.  SHG 10:329-34.

[7]Rev. Samuel Mather.

[8]Rev. Joseph Parsons.

[9]Rev. Thomas Barnard (HC 1732), minister of West Newbury, 1739-1752.  SHG 9:120-29.

[10]Rev. William Balch of Groveland (Second church in Bradford).

[11]Rev. Nathaniel Walter (HC 1729), minister of West Roxbury, 1734-1776.  SHG 8:630-34.

[12]Rev. John Webb.

[13]Rev. Joshua Gee.

[14]Rev. William Hobby.

[15]Rev. Jeremiah Condy, Baptist minister of Boston.