January 12, 1743

1743 January 12 (Wednesday).  A Letter from Messrs. Stone and Smith concerning a Monthly Lecture in their respective Towns.  A great variety of Company.  Deacon [Jonathan] Forbush in great Soul Distresses, yet disapproving of several Things in the private meetings of the enlightened.  Young Fitch[1] of Norwich here by whom I wrote to my Cousin Daniel Needham[2] and to Mr. Wight.[3]  Deacon Whipple[4] of Grafton came with his Brother of this Town and spent the Evening with me.  N.B. his account of his Conversion last February.  Yet neither can he allow of divers Things at the Private Meetings of these Times.  N.B. a Private Meeting this very Eve at Mr. James Fays.  I allow’d Ebenezer and Rebecca Hicks[5] (under Special Charge) to go.  N.B. settled and Ballanced with Daniel Forbush.

[1]One of the sons of the late James Fitch.  John G. Fitch, Genealogy of the Fitch Family (Olmsted, Ohio), 21-22.

[2]Parkman’s oldest sister, Mary, had married Daniel Needham in 1702.

[3]Rev. Jabez Wight (HC 1721), minister of Preston, Conn., 1726-1782. SHG 6:582-584.

[4]James Whipple. Pierce, Grafton, 596-598.

[5]Daughter of John Hicks.