January 7, 1743

1743 January 7 (Friday).  Cold, yet my Wife and I ventur’d out to Mr. Daniel Stones to see his Wife in her low Condition.  This was my first going out among my Nei[gh]bours.  N.B. Mrs. Stone very low, weak and under grievous Sores which endanger’d her Life.  N.B. Mr. Tyler[1] from Mendon, there, with a Letter to me from the Society call’d Mill River in order for a Council.  Mr. Haven preach’d a.m. at Grafton (which finish’d the public Exercises).  Mr. Prentice himself preach’d at Eve at a private Meeting.  Much has been said of these Exercises — some Number being very dissatisfy’d with them.  Others much applauding and praising God for the great Grace appearing in them.

[1]Probably Capt. Nathan Tyler.