December 2, 1742

1742 December 2 (Thursday).  Mr. Prince public Lecture on Amos 4.12.  Dined at Dr. Chauncys — the Company Mr. Mather, Mr. Condy and Mr. Mayhew [1]of College.  Finished all my Accounts with Mr. Foster the Clothier.  At Eve at Mr. Thomas Baxters and supped — the Company Mr. Andrew Eliot, Mr. Grout and his wife, my Kinsman and Mr. Harb. Dorr.  At Brother Samuels afterwards with Brother Alexander and his wife.[2]  Lodged with Parkman.

[1]Jonathan Mayhew (1720-1766), Harvard 1744, minister of Boston’s West Church, 1747-1766; SHG, 11:440-72.

[2]Esther Parkman.  She d. Jan. 12, 1746 (Parkman diary, Jan. 19, 1746).

December 22, 1742

1742 December 22 (Wednesday).  Extraordinary pleasant Moderate Weather like Spring.  ‘Twas Said it did not so much as freeze last night.  I was not So well as yesterday, yet ventur’d down to the Kitchen so much as to look about.  Young Mr. Caleb Prentice[1] of Cambridge here.  Told me of the Religious Commotions last Sabbath and last night at Grafton.  Divers Neighbours to see me.  Mrs. Dolly Rice, Mrs. Winchester,[2] Mrs. Hephzibah Maynard,[3] old Mr. Mainard.[4]  N.B. Life of Rev. Mr. George Trosse.[5]

[1]This may have been the Caleb Prentice who kept a student rooming house and was father of Caleb Prentiss (1746-1803), Harvard 1765); SHG, 16:205.

[2]Elizabeth, second wife of Benjamin Winchester.

[3]Hephzibah Maynard was dismissed from the Marlborough church and admitted to the Westborough church, Apr. 10, 1737 (WCR, 44).

[4]Probably David Maynard, b. Dec. 21, 1669, son of John and Mary Maynard.  He was one of the original members of the church (WCR, 379).

[5]The Life of the Reverend Mr. Geo. Trosse, Late Minister of the Gospel in The City of Exon, who Died January 11th, 1712/13. In the Eighty Second Year of his Age, Written by Himself, and Publish’d According to his Order. To which is added, the Sermon Preach’d at his Funeral. By J.H. [Joseph Hallet].  Exon: Printed by Jos. Bliss, for Richard White, Merchant, and sold by him at his House near the Elephant in Northgate-Street, as also by Hen. White, at Mr. Burridge’s, grocer, in Southgate-Street, [1714].  There were at least two other contemporary versions of Trosse’s Life.

December 26, 1742

1742 December 26 (Sunday).  A pleasant Day, but I felt feeble and weak; and therefore looked upon the work of the Day with Fear and Concern.  The people met at my House.  I undertook what I might with God’s Help to be able to do.  I pray’d 20 Minutes and preach’d 30, on Ps. 90.1.  At Noon lay down and refresh’d me and din’d also with Some, though deprav’d, Appetite.  P.M. attempted another Exercise and held out 50 minutes in my sermon on the Same Text.  Immediately after lay down and after a while was greatly reviv’d, and had a pleasant Eve, through the wondrous Goodness of God.  Mr. Jenison, from the North Side here in the Evening.  O might we all have due Reflections on our frail and dying State!  Lord make me know etc.!

December 28, 1742

1742 December 28 (Tuesday).  Was pritty Comfortable in the Day But was feverish at Eve.  N.B. a remarkable meeting at Mr. Harwoods (upon the Borders) last night.  Great awakenings there and several Children of Mr. William Nurse and one of Mr. James Fay much wrought on.  N.B. An Indian Youth one [blank] Cole, greatly carry’d out at those Meetings.  Some of Westborough people that were present greatly question’d their regularity and Soundness, particularly Mr. Eliezer Rice. May the Spirit of Truth lead us and guide us into all Truth for his Name’s Sake!  Grant us by all Means the Blessing and preserve us from the Evil!  Old Mr. Mainard settling his Estate.  At Eve Mr. Edward Goddard here.  Thomas Winchester thrashing Rye.

December 31, 1742

1742 December 31 (Friday).  Brother Hicks return’d to Sutton.  Bright and pleasant.  Through Divine Goodness and Mercy I felt very comfortably and was Chearfull.  At Eve Captain Eager and Lieutenant Holloway here, who had not been to see me in all my sickness, and Scarcely any other North Side men, though many had rid by my Door.  However I was glad to see ‘em at last.  Receiv’d a Letter from Brother Breck dated the 27th.  He writes that all New Light is almost Extinct — and God grant that all New Light may be, intirely that the Old the true Gospel Light may Shine forth the more gloriously and victoriously!  Now I come to finish the Year, what Shame and Sorrow I had need to be fill’d with for my Ingratitude, unprofitableness and insensibility, when God has been so wondrous patient, So mercifull, So faithfull, So abundant in Goodness towards Me!  How graciously he has conducted me through all the Changes of the Year!  and in Special, let me never forget his Mercifull and Compassionate Beliefs in my Sickness, So that Neither my Rheumatism, nor my Fever prevail’d upon Me!  O that I might know the mind and will of God concerning me!  and what shall I render to him for all his Benefits towards Me!  The Lord prepare my Heart to render as I ought.  But O may my great Redeemer both wash me from my sins in his own Blood, and grant me the gracious and Sanctifying influences of his Blessed Spirit.  Without these I can neither be acceptable in his sight, nor offer any Thing to His Glory.