November 16, 1742

1742 November 16 (Tuesday).  Snow that fell last Night and this Morning — light yet of some Depth.  Mr. Jonathan Burnap here.  N.B. Mr. Pratt and Ebenezer Mainard cut out and Salted up my Beef for me.  N.B. Mr. Stephen Fay here and tarryed, and dined with me; was with me all the Afternoon and Some part of the Evening.  He revealed Several wonderfull Experiences which he had had both last Spring and lately.  He told me he had a weighty, pressing Concern for Two Souls.  I found he meant his own and mine.  I asked him what he had discovered in me that gave him reason to Suspect me.  He told me my preaching and Conversation.  For that if I had a true sight of Eternal Things he thought I Should be more Zealous and fervent for, for his part, he felt as if he could cry out etc.  I confessed my Dulness, yet made some appeal to my Sermons, especially of late deliver’d.  I Spake of the different Tempers of Men; the Diversitys of Gifts but the Same Spirit.  The different Frames which both Speakers and Hearers are in at different Times — professed however, my great Need of Divine Grace and the Supplys of the Spirit to revive and quicken and furnish and assist me; and of his prayers (and asked them) that I might obtain the presence and Spirit of God with me; and whatever God should afford, Should give in to me, I would endeavour to give out to them.  We parted in great peace and Love.  May the Lord sanctifie this admonition to me, and hereby Stir up in me a Spirit of Care,  and Jealousy over my own soul; and enliven me with respect to the Souls committed to my Care!  O might it please God to impress me deeply with the worth of Immortal souls, and my tremendous Account in the Day of Christ of those of this Flock, and all of my Charge!