October 26, 1742

1742 October 26 (Tuesday).  Mr. Seccomb went with me to the Association at Marlborough.  A considerable Number of ministers and Candidates.  The Conversation turned most of all upon the Times.  Mr. Marsh[1] of Wachusett very full of his storys to the discredit of those who were Zealous in promoting Convictions etc.  Mr. Prentice of Lancaster delivered his Concio on 2 Tim.1.2.  Mr. Seccomb and I lodged at Dr. Gotts.  N.B. My Mare led down by Winchester for Molly to come Home.

[1]Elisha Marsh (1713-1784), Harvard 1738, minister of Westminster, 1742-1757; SHG, 10:300-06.