October 14, 1742

1742 October 14 (Thursday).  Mr. Lowel preached the public Lecture on Job. 7.17, an excellently well composed and well delivered Sermon; except that the Life part was too brief.  Dined at Deacon Henchmans with Mr. Gee etc.  Bought Dr. Twiss’s [Vindicice?] out of old Mr. Nortons Library; but was obliged to leave behind a great Collection of the School men — Aquinas, Scotus, Vasquez, Suarez, Durandus, Estius etc.  At Eve Sorrowful Parting with my venerable, aged, tender Mother, whose Blessing she delivered in Solemn and affectionate Manner.  Among other Things She prayed that I might have Stedfastness especially now in these Times.  To Cambridge.