September 30, 1742

1742 September 30 (Thursday).  My wife rode with me to Hopkinton.  Mr. Moody[1] of York was to preach a.m. but at 11 o’Clock Mr. Barrett came with a Message and the Bible to Me that I must preach.  Mr. Barrett prayed before sermon.  I preached on Eph. 5.14.  P.M. Mr. Stone prayed and Mr. Moody preached on Prov.1.23.  At Evening Mr. Barrett was requested to Suffer Mr. Bliss preach an Evening Lecture but he would not allow of its being publickly in the Meeting House; he gave way to its being at a private House.  N.B. Mr. Stones opposing Mr. Bliss, on one Side and Peter How’s opposing Mr. Barrett on the other.  I endeavoured to quiet and reconcile each, praying that the Excellent Fruit of the Spirit Peace, might appear.  The Lord make it a good season!  We returned in safety.

[1]Samuel Moody (1676-1747), Harvard 1697, minister at York, 1698-1747; SHG, 4:356-65.