September 23, 1742

1742 September 23 (Thursday).  Mr. Stone rode with me to the Trial of Jabez Green at Worcester Superior Court.  His Confidence was very extraordinary.  But the Evidences very strong against him.  Mr. Campbell (who prayed at the Opening thereof) dined with the Court.  Mr. Frink, Mr. Stone, Mr. Prentice, Mr. Webb dined at Mr. Burrs.  I dined at Coll. Chandlers, where also dined Coll. Brattle[1] (who was Kings Attorney this Court), Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury and divers others.  P.M. the Jury were not agreed.  At Eve the Rain detained us till the Court was adjourned.  As soon as the weather permitted, Mr. Stone and I rode home, though it was Somewhat late.

[1]William Brattle (1706-1776), Harvard 1722, SHG, 7: 10-23.