September 19, 1742

1742 September 19 (Sunday).  I preached at Marlborough on 2 Cor. 6.2.  N.B. Judge Dudley present.  I was very dull and Lifeless p.m.  Was too much under the Fear of Man.  The Lord humble and pardon me for the Lord Jesus Sake!  And O that the Blessing might Accompany the work both to the Hearers and to my own soul!  I rode up home at Eve.  Found Mr. Parsons preaching with great fervency to young people on the gathering Manna in the Morning.  It made great Impression.  But the most remarkable Signs were immediately after the Blessing was pronounced.  Mr. Stephen Fays wife[1] cryed out and Cousen Winchester presently upon it both of whom Strove what they could to contain themselves but they burst forth with great Agony of Soul.  Sarah Shattuck and Betty Fay discovered also their inward Distress.  But Sarah Sparhawk was unbounded and like one deprived of her Reason.  A great Tumult ensued.  Mr. Parsons advised me to compose them and either pray or sing a Psalm.  I requested him to direct to a Psalm.  After Singing I Spake Strongly to the people, advising and beseeching them to retire to private meditation and prayer.  And it had Success and Sarah Sparhawk was brought away Home by some Young Men.  A Number of the Distressed and others came to my House — but went home about Nine o’clock.  Sarah Sparhawk was however often crying out, and Striving much in her Fitts  for an Hour or Two — then went to Bed and slept well.  Mr. James Fay earnestly Strove with me to have an Exercise in the Morning and pleaded with Mr. Parsons to  preach, but he would not yield, having concluded it to be his Duty to prosecute his Journey.  I could not give encouragement my Self because of other previous Engagement

[1]Ruth (Child) Fay was admitted to the Westborough church, June 3, 1736 (WCR, 41).  “P.M. I made a visit to Mr. Stephen Fay and his Wife who are tomorrow to move to Lambs Town [Upton]” (Parkman diary, Apr. 17, 1750).