September 15, 1742

1742 September 15 (Wednesday).  The Churches that met were the Church in Weston, Shrewsbury, Grafton and Westborough.  Mr. Williams Moderator of the Council which was formed.  N.B. we were much impeded by Mr. Buckminster’s not having obtained his Dismission from the Church of Framingham.  But Considering that it was owing to the providence of God (namely by the Sickness of Rev. Mr. Swift) that we were deprived of it, both the Council and the Church were of opinion it was more advisable to proceed without it than to put by the Ordination.  Mr. Solomon Prentice prayed before sermon, Mr. Williams preached from 2 Cor. 5.20, and he gave the Charge.  Mr. Cushing prayed after the Charge, and I gave the Right Hand.  I was So faithful to my old Friendship that I went to see Mr. Frink but his treatment  and Conduct was rugged and ungratefull.  Mr. Brintnall desired me to preach this Evening but for Several Reasons I declined it.