September 13, 1742

1742 September 13 (Monday).  Ebenezer with a Team to Grindstone Hill, and he and Lieut. Tainter brought each of them a Load of choice Stones.  Mr. Forbush at the Chimnys.  Lieutenant Brigham came a part of the Day to the Work.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Rogers[1] of Ipswich, Dr. Gott and Mr. Dodge came and dined with us.  Mr. Rogers had preached three Times at Marlborough.  Catechetical Exercise to young women at which I preached on Rev. 3.1.

[1]Daniel Rogers (1707-1785), Harvard 1725, tutor at Harvard, 1732-1741; minister at Exeter, New Hampshire (Second Church), 1748-1785; SHG, 7:554-60.