September 5, 1742

1742 September 5 (Sunday).  O might this Birth Day be the Day of Gods Power with me and the Day of the Gladness of my Heart!  Vide Natal.  Preached a.m. on 1 Thess. 5.19, and p.m. Gal. 2.20, those words the Life which I live in the Flesh I live by the Faith of the Son of God.  O that mine might be such I beg of God to make it so!  I resolve by his Grace, to Endeavour to make it So.  Mrs. Rachel Bowker of Marlborough dined with me.  N.B. I appointed an Exercise to be at Mr. Matthias Rice’s[1] next Tuesday.  N.B. A great Frost.

[1]Matthias Rice was b. Apr. 4, 1706 (Marlborough VR, 159); died Feb. 13, 1764, a. 57 y., 10 m. (Northborough VR, 147).  He and his wife Anna were admitted to the Westborough church, Nov. 23, 1740 (WCR, 57) and dismissed to the church in Northborough, May 4, Aug. 17, 1746 (WCR, 74-75, 77).