August 30, 1742

1742 August 30 (Monday).  Mr. Nathaniel Smith[1] of Hopkinton here for advice respecting his Son Nathaniel who was So oppressed and overcome with Affairs of his Soul and another world that he would not attend to the Necessary Supports of Life.  Brother Samuel Breck here, but towards Evening took Leave.  Thomas finished Cutting Stalks.

[1]Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Richard, and Hannah Smith joined the Hopkinton church, Sept. 10, 1731; Nathaniel Smith, Jr., joined, Feb. 7, 1742.  Manual of the First Congregational Church, in Hopkinton, Mass.  Organized Sept. 2, 1724. Including the Confession of Faith, Covenant, Standing Rulers, List of Officers and Members, and Historical Sketch (Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son, 1881), 43, 44.  Parkman later noted that “Disturbances in Hopkinton are risen to great Heights and Richard and Nathaniel Smith are sent to Jayl for breaking up the Worship last Sabbath” (Feb. 1, 1744).  It was may been the elder Nathaniel Smith who died June 3, 1789, a. 77 (HVR, 449)