August 17, 1742

1742 August 17 (Tuesday).  To Boston.  My Honoured Mother yet alive, but very weak and low and at Times very disconsolate.  I told her I was going to write to my wife and I prayed her to tell me what I Should Say.  “Say I’m alive yet, as you see, and waiting but know not  what a Day may bring forth.” I added and have a Good Hope through Grace?  She Said, “Have Hope through Grace.”  I answered that it was a Good Hope if it was accompanyed with a Loathing of sin and a Love to God, to the Things, the Law and People of God.  She made this Return in a very Solemn manner, I’m Sure I Can Say that.  This I Sent to my wife.  At Eve at Mr. Eliots Lecture on Mark 8.38.  Lodged with my Kinsman Elias.  N.B. Governor Shirley came in from the Eastward Conference.