August 6, 1472

1742 August 6 (Friday).  I walked down to Mr. Cooks at Evening to meet Neighbour Stephen Fay and I employed him to make diligent search after my Mare, and to send Mr. John Tainter[1] of Watertown to Lexington after her.

[1]John, son of Simon and Johannah Tainter, b.  Mar. 13, 1699; Records of Births Deaths and Marriages, Second Book to the End of 1737, 13, separately paginated supplement to Watertown Records Comprising the Third Book of the Town Proceedings and the Second Book of Births Marriages and Deaths to the End of 1737 Also Plan and Register of Burials in Arlington Street Burying Ground (Watertown, MA: Watertown Historical Society, 1900). His brother Simon settled in Westborough.