March 30, 1742

1742 March 30 (Tuesday).  Broke fast at Mr. Warham Williams.  N.B. Mr. Williams going (with Mr. Appleton[1] and Mr. Peabody[2]) to a Fast to Morrow at Bedford on account of the Troubles there relating to Mr. Bows’s Conduct among them.  I proceeded to Cambridge.  Dined at F. Champneys.[3]  Visited Mr. Appleton.  N.B. Various Accounts from Ipswich of the State of Religion there: the people greatly enlivened and awakened there.  At Evening I was at Charlestown.  Mr. Buel preached on Gen. 6.3.  N.B. Mr. Croswell lyes Sick at Charlestown after Zealous preaching there for some time.  At 10 o’Clock I went over (the Boats deeply loaded like Commencement) to Boston.  At Kinsman Elias’s were Mr. Eleazer Williams’s (of Roxbury) wife and Two Daughters greatly enlivened in Religion.

[1]Nathaniel Appleton (1693-1784), Harvard 1712, minister of Cambridge, 1717-1784; SHG 5:599-609.

[2]Oliver Peabody (1698-1752), Harvard 1721, minister at Natick Indian Church, 1721-1729; Natick First Congregational Church, 1729-1752; SHG, 6:529-34.

[3]Samuel Champney was the father of Parkman’s first wife, Mary or Molly.