March 29, 1472

1742 March 29 (Monday).  I rode down with my Daughter Molly[1] to Marlborough, dined and left her at Dr. Gotts.  One Mr. Love my Company from the Red Horse.  Mr. Prentice of Lancaster rode with us over the New Bridge.  I went to Mr. Williams[2] of Weston.  At Waltham I called at Mr. Harringtons for Oats, and there Mr. Warham Williams[3] was engaged in an Exercise.  He preached on Joh. 5.42.  Mr. Solomon Prentice was also present.  N.B. We lodged at that Tavern.  N.B. The world full of Mr. Buels preaching at Concord.  In the Judgment of Some, Great success:  In the Judgment of others great Confusion.

[1]Mary (or Molly), dau. of Ebenezer and Mary (Champney) Parkman, b. on Sept. 14, 1725; WVR, 82.

[2]William Williams, Jr. (1688-1760), Harvard 1705, minister of Weston, 1709-1750.  SHG 5:295-300.

[3]Warham Williams (1699-1751), Harvard 1719, minister at Waltham, 1723-1751; SHG, 6:361-64.