March 10, 1742

1742 March 10 (Wednesday).  Fast at Shrewsbury.  A.M. Mr. Hall on Luk. 13.24.  P.M. Mr. Prentice[1] of Lancaster prayed and I preached on Luk. 13.10.  Mr. Jenison and I returned at Eve.  Mr. James Fay in Company.  We called at Mr. Eagers and to see the widow Hannah Rice[2] sick at her son Seths.

[1]John Prentice (1682-1748), Harvard 1700, minister of Lancaster, 1708-1748.  SHG 4:529-32.

[2]Hannah (Brewer) Rice, second wife of Edmond; he died Aug. 15, 1726 (Parkman diary).