March 9, 1742

1742 March 9 (Tuesday).  N.B. Mr. Pattershall informs me of Mr. Croswells[1] irregular Zeal at Charlestown.  Mr. Pattershall returned to Cambridge.  P.M. Brother Samuel Breck[2]here from Springfield.  N.B. his Message from Brother Breck[3] respecting Mr. Buel.[4]  He proceeded to Marlborough.

[1]Andrew Croswell 1709-1785), Harvard 1728, minister of Ledyard, Connecticut (Second Church in Groton), 1736-1746; School Street or Eleventh Congregational Church, Boston, 1748-1785; SHG, 8:386-407.

[2]Parkman’s brother-in-law, Samuel Breck (1723-1764), Harvard 1742; SHG, 11:131-32.

[3]Parkman’s brother-in-law, Robert Breck, Jr. (1713-1784), Harvard 1730, minister of Springfield, 1736-1784; SHG 8:661-80.

[4]Samuel Buell (1716-1798), Yale 1741, ordained as a minister-at-large, 1742; itinerant, 1742-1745; minister at East Hampton, Long Island, 1746-1798; DYG, 1:664-69.