March 1, 1742

1742 March 1 (Monday).  I ventured out to pray with the Town at their Annual Meeting.  A Sorrowful Striving in the Town for Some Time, till the North and the South overcame the Middle and carryed all before them.  N.B. Settled with Deacon Newton.[1]  Thomas Winchester cleared up Nine Bushels Barley.  N.B. Conversation with Lieutenant Holloway[2] respecting Mr. Bliss’s[3] preaching at his house.

[1]Josiah Newton (1688-1755) joined the Westborough church, Apr. 4, 1725 (WCR, 2).  He was elected deacon, Aug. 18, 1737, but declined, Mar. 2, 1738.  After another vote, June 8, 1738, he accepted (WCR, 45-46, 47, 49-50).

[2]Lt. William Holloway (d. Jan. 6, 1760, a. 70 y., 6 m., 21 d.; NVR, 139) of the north side (later Northborough) of Westborough.

[3]Daniel Bliss (1715-1764), Harvard 1732, minister at Concord, 1740-1764; SHG, 9:130-38.