January 29, 1742

1742 January 29 (Friday).  Mr. Edwards preached on Joh. 12.32.  A peculiarly moving and Useful sermon.  May God bless it to me to draw my Heart Effectually to Jesus Christ by his Love, by his bitter and ignominious Sufferings on the Cross for me!  I prevailed with Mr. Edwards before we went out of the pulpit, to come by divine Leave next week to Westborough.  I dined at old Mr. Southgates.[1]  I called at the Jayl to See the poor prisoner Green[2] in my Return home.  Found him penitent, diligently on enquiry, Reading, Waiting on Jesus, respectfull to Ministers, and very gratefull to me for my pains with him.

[1]Possibly Richard Southgate (d. Apr. 23, 1758, a. 88; LVR, 275.

[2]Jabez Green was later convicted and executed for murder; see Sept. 24 and Oct. 21.