January 28, 1742

1742 January 28 (Thursday).  There being at Leicester very considerable awakenings among some of the people, they Sat apart this Day for Fasting and prayer for the obtaining a plentifull Effusion of the holy Spirit upon them and they having Sent for me to assist on that occasion, I went up.  Mr. Edwards[1] of Northampton there, and preached a very awakening Sermon on Rom. 9.22 — Vessels of wrath.  I preached p.m. on Zech. 12.10.  In the Evening Mr. Hall[2] preached on Isa. 54.13.  N.B. some stirrings.  I lodged at Mr. Goddards[3] with his Father.[4]

[1]Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), Yale 1720, minister of Northampton, 1727-1750, Stockbridge, 1751-1758; President of the College of New Jersey, 1758; DYG, 1:218-26.

[2]David Hall (1704-1789), Harvard 1724, minister of Sutton, 1729-1789.  SHG 7:345-56.

[3]David Goddard (1706-1754), Harvard 1731, minister of Leicester, 1736-1754; SHG, 40-43.

[4]Edward Goddard of Framingham.