December 31, 1740

1740 December 31 (Wednesday).  John McClung left us, carrying Letters for us, to my Kinsman Benjamin Parkman[1] at Philadelphia, and Mrs. Pierpont[2] at New Haven.  I went to the Funeral of Mr. Beemans little Daughter.  His son Eleazer thought to be irrecoverable.  Dr. Gotts young man, Hall, was my Company to Marlborough to Captain Nathan Brigham who was Still in a Melancholly, disconsolate Condition.  I din’d late at Captain Brighams.  Colonel Ward[3] there at Evening.  Had his Company as far as his House, where I call’d; as I did also at Mr. Jacob Amsdens,[4] it being exceeding Cold.  After I got home I marry’d Two Couple.  Mr. Thomas Joslin[5] to Lucy Forbush[6] and Nathaniel Johnson[7] to Sarah Forbush.[8]

[1]Parkman’s nephew.

[2]Mrs. James Pierpont.  Parkman must not have realized she had died Nov. 1, 1740.

[3]William Ward of Southborough.

[4]Of Westborough.

[5]Son of Nathaniel Joslin of Marlborough.

[6]Daughter of Aaron Forbush of Westborough.

[7]Son of John Johnson of Marlborough.

[8]Daughter of Aaron Forbush.  She and her husband lived in Marlborough.  Pierce, Forbes and Forbush Genealogy, 26-27.