December 27, 1740

1740 December 27 (Saturday).  My Wife had been Somewhat ill all night but in the morning was so full of Pain that I rode away to fetch Granny Forbush to her.  The Snow which fell last night added to the former (both being deep) made is extraordinary difficult passing.  I was overmatch’d with it at old Mr. Maynards.[1]  Ebenezer Maynard and Neighbour Pratt took their Horses and rode before me, by which means I succeeded.  Brother Hicks carry’d up his wife, and fetch’d Mrs. How and Ensign Forbushs[2] wife.  Ensign Maynard brought his wife and fetch’d Mrs. Whipple.  Mr. Williams also brought over his.  But we were in great Want of Wood through the Disappointments which I had met with.  This Ensign Maynard help’d by chopping and sledding down a Load from the Hill.  A time of Remarkable Difficulty yet God was pleas’d to help us through.

[1]David Maynard.

[2]Thomas Forbush, Jr.