October 15, 1740

1740 October 15 (Wednesday).  My wife Stays at Marlborough.  Molly rode home with me.  When I came home I had the Sorrowful Sight of the Mischief done by my Cattle breaking in upon my Corn which lay husk’d in the Barn, for I could have no Convenience to carry it up.  The Disaster respecting the Corn was so much the more trouble some as my Corn was exceeding Short having but half the Field and what there was was exceeding poor and mean and soft.  P.M. James Bradish so kind as to give me the cutting of Three Load of Wood, and the Carrying up the good Corn which I had in the Barn, which the Cattle did not get over to (but to the Soft Corn only).  N.B. The good Corn carry’d up from the Barn was 14 or 15 Basketts — and this was the biggest part of my Corn this Year.