February 14, 1740

1740 February 14 (Thursday).  Captain Amsden[1] burnt my Mares Mouth for (what is call’d) the Lampers.  I went to Mr. Zechariah Maynards,[2] the widow Hows,[3] and Mr. Joseph Rice’s[4] where I din’d.  Thence I rode up to Mr. Thomas Wards in Westborough and to Lieutenant Holloways whose Youngest Child was very bad after the Meazles.  Captain Eager came from thence with me, whose son was Sick also of the Same Distemper.  Very troublesome, hollow riding, the Earth being much open’d.  N.B. David Baverick and Samuel Bumpso getting Rails.

[1]Isaac Amsden of Marlborough.

[2]Son of John Maynard, an early resident of Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, 413.

[3]Widow of Thomas Howe, tavern-keeper of Marlborough (d.1733).  Hudson, Marlborough, 382-383.

[4]Of Marlborough.