January 31, 1740

1740 January 31 (Thursday).  Mr. Chauncy preach’d at the public Lecture on 2 Pet. 3.16.  Those words, In which are some Things hard to be understood, a Sermon as no doubt, very pleasing to Some So very Disgusting to others.  Very cold.  At Eve Mr. Harb Dorr and Mr. Davenport (the Baker) at Brother Elias’s.  N.B. Brother Hicks brought a Letter from my wife, but I saw not him.  N.B. Sorrowful News of Mr. John Adams’s[1] (My old Friend) Death and of Mr. Ebenezer Hancock[2] of Lexington.

[1]Parkman’s classmate at Harvard.

[2]Rev. Ebenezer Hancock (HC 1728), minister at Lexington, 1734-1739.  SHG, 8:427-429.