January 30, 1740

1740 January 30 (Wednesday).  A.M. I went to Christ’s Church and heard Dr. Cutler[1] on Dan. 6.21.  P.M. at Mr. Condy’s[2] Lecture on 2 Pet. 3.18 forepart.  After service Mr. Chauncy,[3] Mr. Condy, Mr. Gray[4] and I went to Mr. Welsteeds.[5]  But at Evening I was at an Entertainment at Brother Alexanders, our Kinsman John Parkman having brought his Mistress to them at this Time.

[1]Rev. Timothy Cutler (HC 1701), minister of Christ Church Episcopal in Boston, 1723-1765.  SHG, 5:45-67.

[2]Rev. Jeremiah Condy, Jr. (HC 1726), who had recently returned from England and was minister of the First Baptist Church, 1738-1764.  SHG 8:20-30.

[3]Rev. Charles Chauncy (HC 1721), minister of the First Church of Boston, 1727-1787.  SHG, 6:439-467.

[4]Rev. Ellis Gray (HC 1734), minister of the New Brick Church of Boston, 1738-1752.  SHG, 9:400-404.

[5]Rev. William Welsteed (HC 1716), minister of the New Brick Church of Boston, 1728-1753.  SHG, 6:153-158.