January 29, 1740

1740 January 29 (Tuesday).  This Memorable and Melancholly Morning I was full of Wormwood and the Gall.  I drank so deep of this Day Four Years since.[1]  It was very Cold but I was too uneasy to keep from my Dear Brother Elias to whom especially I was making my Visit.  At Roxbury at Mr. Davis’s Shop I got my Mare new Shod that I might help her as to her stumbling.  At Boston it was very grievous to see my Brother in So strange a Condition.  He did not know me in some Time — but in the afternoon he undertook to tell over to me the whole Manner of his being taken, etc., which he went through very intelligibly and exactly, but which he had not till now, nor had appear’d So rational or Compos’d till now.  Blessed be God for Such a measure of Mercy.  My Venerable mother there with her son Continually, and in a Measure of Comfort and Health.  I made this my Chief Residence although I Sometimes lodg’d and Din’d otherwhere.

[1]This was the anniversary of the first Mrs. Parkman’s death.